Customized Welcome Emails. Oh Yes! But How?

November 22, 2017

In the last blog we discussed how the customized welcome email can be helpful to you and what are the important aspects to create the first impression with the welcome emails. The email marketing is the wide spectrum and the customized welcome emails are on what the business owner and customers build the foundation to know each other.

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The sources are limited but the idea are vivid, anything you are missing? The proper execution with the expert team. Spark Emails can help you to create the bond with the new customers with the customized welcome emails. For the brand, its just not the welcome email but the identity of the business.

Without going around the bush, we would like to suggest for how you can customize the welcome email this holiday season if you have not yet. The importance of the welcome email are already discussed in the previous blog. You can go through the stats as well mentioned in it.

Strategies to Create Attractive Welcome Emails


To create the attractive customized welcome emails, it is important to know how to do it. Yes, the email marketing companies offer the predesigned templates for the welcome emails, but the effective will be the customized welcome emails for the brand to bond with the customer on the special note.

Based on our experience, we have share the few suggestions for how you can customize the welcome email to woo the customer making them the lifelong fan of your brand.

Plan Well


Get the plan straight! Set the campaign you want for the new customers and the subscribers to look for and keep it clean. The email marketing campaigns can work either on Plan A or Plan B, there are no failures after all. If the strategies are right and the marketing ethics match the campaign, designing the welcome email template cannot go wrong.

1. What Do you Want?

As the brand owner you need to ask yourself what do you want your customers to look for? Prioritize the product or the service you want them to qualify first from your brand. After doing so, now choose the CTA accordingly and locate it at the exact location on the customized welcome email template. For e.g. ‘Sign In’, ‘Check out More Latest Designs’ etc.

2.Decide the Structure of Campaign

How would you like to send the customized welcome emails to your new customers/ subscribers? Decide on it. Do you want to crumble the messages in the single welcome email or will you like to send it in the series; sharing the message about your brand, products/ services and the offers for the holiday season? According to the Spark Emails team suggestion, it will be wise to send the emails in the series form. Overloading the brand’s messages, offers and everything in one email will negatively impact the customer and maybe they would hit the UNSUBSCRIBE too soon before the beginning.

3.Segment the Audience/ Customers

It is important to keep the check that the new customers or the subscribers are not loaded with too many emails or the repetitive emails are sent to them. So how will you know who has got what email? Segmenting your customers can be helpful for you. The customized welcome email campaigns can be well segmented by the brand itself with the following guidelines.

  • Segment the customers who have never received the customized welcome email from you and has the limited vision or the acknowledgment about your brand, products and the services.
  • Among the first time buyers, you can segment the customers into two categories- customers who have never received your welcome email even after their first purchase from your brand.
  • The other segment of the customers are the one who are into your email list and have received the customized welcome email from your brand and has subscribe to your welcome email series.

4.Workflow of Sending the Customized Welcome Emails

Once after everything is penned down, you have to now decide how do you want to take off the final plight of the campaign. This means, do not keep hitting the email series to those customers who are already the buyers. As the brand owner you can make the smart move to send the customized welcome emails to the customers.

5.Try & Test before the Execution

Once the customized welcome email is finalized, you need to make sure that the template looks great and attractive, not to the brand but also to the customer as well. Test the working of the CTA tab, content and the list of the customers/ subscribers you will be sending the customized welcome emails.

Catalog the Hit Tab


If you are the professional and start up brand, you must know that timing is everything. The moment the opportunity comes to you, you need to dance. How? You need to decide it. When the customized welcome email is send at the right time to the new customer/ subscriber, you are on the half way to make customer your brand’s identity.

Manage the time while campaigning the customized welcome emails. Our team has shared their experience for when to hit the SEND tab of the customized welcome email templates, choosing the right time.

  • The moment some new subscriber has signed up on your website for enjoying the benefits, very next second make sure you send them the customized welcome email. This can be personalized as well with the customer’s first name.
  • Sending the customized welcome email series is right, but you need to keep the check on the frequency of the intervals. Send the series of the welcome email to the new customer, making them feel less awkward.
  • Do not keep sending the discount voucher customized welcome email to the new customer if they have already used the one. When the called action is already taken by the customer, it is wise to not ask them to do it again and again during the specific time. You can remind them about the voucher in the follow up emails if you want, but not when they have already used it.
  • Do not maintain the gap between the customized welcome email and the regular newsletter. Keep the frequency in check so that you dont miss the valuable customers for your business.

Clear Message


When the email marketing strategy, structure and the timing execute the customized welcome email in the orderly manner, you have to be careful about the structure of the content assigned in the email. The customized welcome email template, structural process to send it to the customers will co-ordinate with the customer if the content in the email is accurate.

Decide the Subscriber’s Prospect

Provide the insight about what kind of emails you will be sending to them and during what occasions can they expect the customized emails from your brand. Give the customer assurance about the special offers, events and the voucher benefits, embleming it in the customized welcome email. Setting the customer’s expectation from the first welcome email will make them set the priorities from you and what they can ask to you if they are in need of anything than the other products or services with the customized email template. Its not limiting the prospect of the customer but giving the glance of your business proficiency.

Be Specific

The content should be enough clear for the reader to know who has sent and the purpose behind sending the customized welcome email. At a time you dont know which customer has subscribed with how many business websites. That is why it is better to make your brand name as clear as it is possible.

The subject line of the customized welcome email should be simple and straight. If you are sending the welcome email with the right offers and the benefits it would be wise enough as the brand owner to be specific in the email subject line itself. Your name and subject line of the email will make it easy for the customer to identify you.

Customer Friendly Sign Up Process

When the new customer is signing up on your brand for the newsletter or to receive the regular promotional emails from you, you have to make sure the initial sign up process is friendly. How? Its simple. Ask the basic information to the customer while they are signing up such as:

  • NAME

Complete Package in One Customized Email

To make your customer know your brand better, as the brand owner you can put the same navigation bar on the customized welcome email what you have on the website. This will help your brand to be well connected with the customer and also the customer will look for the primary product/ service you have got to offer rather than other subsidiary products.

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