Here’s why should you include video in the emails & How to do it?

October 13, 2016

To make your content viral, adding videos to it is the best way. Videos have become now the most trending element among the bloggers, top brands and also now in the emails. Customizing the emails with the images is still prevalent though; adding the videos results in the increase in engagement and open rates of the emails.

Why there is so much emphasis on the videos? How does it help to influence the audience in the better way? Videos are considered as the quick medium of communication in the marketing, therefore it is logical to add in the emails. It will give the audience the impression of the brand, therefore, increase the brand awareness along with high conversion rate is definite.

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Well, as an email marketer, it is important to look at the facts with the statistics for why does the videos in the email matters? According to the statistics, adding the video in the email will lead to 19% increase in its open rate and 50% increase in the click-through rates. Well, that’s definitely good numbers to follow. The next thing is, how will the videos in the emails benefit you?

Video email marketing benefits

There are not one, but many benefits if you decide to include the videos in your email marketing campaign. Because videos are compelling for the viewers to watch them. You can easily achieve the speedy engagement with it. That’s just one benefit. You can keep your audience hooked up to your brand with video email marketing to earn the benefits such as:

  • Plain text has now become really a PLAIN. Images are good. Videos are more interesting, active and influential than the images and plain content. It draws the attention of the audience because of its significance in the email marketing.
  • To be honest, videos save the time! Creating the plain text and then adding the image matching the content somewhat becomes tricky at times making it boring and time-consuming. Videos make it easy for the audience to understand the product/ service in short span of time which can be complex to explain in the text or image.
  • Videos are quick to go viral! Why? It is the most impressive way to deliver the message about the product/service with the brand awareness. It has been observed that audience respond positively to the brand after watching product/ service focused video.
  • Video email marketing will help you to improve your Google search ranking. How? Once the video becomes popular and it is hit among the audience. It will be shared by them on the social media platforms thus making the video viral and boosting the brand.

Points to remember while doing video email marketing

While doing the video email marketing or adding the videos in the emails, there are some key points you should avoid:

  • Avoid CLICK HERE & TEST words in the email subject line.
  • Dodge the idea of adding too many exclamation points.
  • UPPERCASE to write the complete content is a big NO.
  • Bright and dazzling colors should not be used.
  • The HTML emails should have the important content at least but not less content. This will result in spam because spam filters cannot display images.
  • Sending the multiple emails to the same enterprise can be considered as spam attack by the email firewall.
  • Designing the HTML emails in a word is NO-NO. To avoid the spamming, avoid exporting the codes to HTML.

How to use/add video in email?

Instead of waiting for the technology to play the videos directly in the email when you use it in the email marketing, it is wise to make it happen all by yourself. Different email clients have different technical requirements therefore not every email client will support such feature.

We have got your back here. When you are thinking to embed the videos in the emails, it will be right to determine you are using HTML emails to send the audience. It is important to note that not all the email clients support the videos in their inbox. If you are thinking to send the video emails, you might want to reconsider the decision. Crazy Time est l’une des machines à sous les plus populaires au monde. Par conséquent, il n’est pas surprenant qu’il existe des applications pour chaque plate-forme. Vous pouvez jouer à la fois sur votre PC et sur votre téléphone, ce qui est plutôt pratique! Il existe de nombreux jeux comparables qui utilisent la roue de la fortune. Ils peuvent différer en termes de qualité de contenu, de graphisme, d’audio et de vidéo, ainsi que de réglementations et de conditions. Les visuels du jeu Crazy Time sont toujours au top et ont le même aspect sur tous les appareils mobiles et PC.

Since you are still reading this blog and have come this far while doing so, we can easily assume that you are very much interested in embedding the videos in the emails. While you are, we are also considering that you will do it in HTML emails. So, if you really want to embed the video in the email; HTML5, the upgraded version of the HTML is smooth and has more options to look for including the video in the email.

HTML5 is limited to specific email clients yet it was observed over 62% positive response to the video emails among them. Email clients such as Apple mail, native iOS client and allows their users to play and watch the video in the email itself. Other email clients such as Gmail and Android devices will result in the image fallback.

You can take the risk of embedding the video in HTML5 for your Apple mail/ subscribers if they are in large number. To track the number of clicks on your video email, you will have to implement the custom click tracking. The video embedding in the email will also allow tracking the number of how many recipients clicked on the video and watched it.

Alternatives for the other email clients

For other email clients who do not support HTML5 completely, you can work on the alternative solutions to embed the video in the emails. You can even use all these alternatives for Apple mail native iOS client and email clients as well. Adding the videos in the emails helps to reduce the unsubscribe rate by 26%, many email marketers like you are looking for how to do it if not the HTML5?

Static video image

You can use the dummy play button on the static image. This will be easy for you to link the video content hosted on the video sharing sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. How to do it? Link the static image with the hosted version of the video for your audience to watch it.

You can allow your subscriber to play the video instantly by clicking the button by simply adding ?play at the end of the video URL. With the same modified URL, you can add the autoplay feature to the video. This will dodge the need to click on the hosted version of the video.

Animated GIFs

Another best way to add the glimpse of the video in the email is by adding the animated GIF. You can use GIF more than once in an email if required. Although GIF format is used worldwide yet the animated GIF fails to support at some places.

It is important to consider that in Outlook2007, 2010, 2013 and windows phones 7, the first frame of the GIF will be displayed. It is therefore advisable for you to add the important/ primary information of your brand fitting in the first frame. This will display the email in a great way along with the animated GIF displaying the primary content in the first frame.

Animated play button

You can link the static image with the animated GIF of the play button. The animated play button will bring the attention of the recipient, forcing them to click on it and play the video.

It’s a wrap!

This comes to an end for the discussion to how to include the video in the email and working on the video email marketing. It is engaging as well as entertaining to get connected with your subscribers.

The effectiveness of the video email marketing is significant because 64% of the users are likely to purchase the product/ service after watching the video.You have the power to choose any of the above approaches to include the video in the email, the bottom line is to put some power to the emails for the engaging customers.

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