How to send email campaign for Travel Industry

July 7, 2017

In today’s fast-paced and hectic scheduled world, every person wants to have some quality time spend with the friends, colleagues and relatives. The trend of going to grandparents house or relatives is getting fade up. The people are now more interested in a foreign trip or they did like to visit a hill-station in the short holidays.

Hence, in this digitized world, not every person but 70 % of the population, are owning their email addresses. The email channel is one of the most important means of communication for the public as well as for personal purposes.

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If you ever had worked in a travel company, then you must have realized how much pressure the email marketers have to face for making the email campaign strong and influential among the public. They have to put their heart and soul in designing the creative email templates that can captivate the attention of viewers.

Here, in this article, we have discussed some ideas, tips and tricks that might work out for your next travel email campaign. Have a read on it, as it might reveal you out some hidden secrets that can put a magic in your email campaign.

1.Target Through Exciting Videos:

According to the facts and figures gathered in a survey, a majority of the people love to watch a video rather than reading a long-composed article. The pictures and that too powerful traveling sight-seeing snaps drives out the emotions of the public and make them feel excited enough to have a tour booked for the upcoming holidays. Therefore, the first tool for strong email marketing is to make use of videos as much as you can. But before sending the video emails, make sure that your created video is funny and interesting enough to make the users force to watch till the end.

2.”Before Time Email” to Please the Public:

The ideal time that can be considered for sending an email is 15 days prior the start of holidays. It is the best moment for pinging the person, as he might be preparing the plans for the vacations. Be confident that you share all the valuable information such as “traveling places list, expenditure that needs to be borne and how to reach the place” etc in the mail, to make the customer attract towards your brand.

3.Happy Deals Promotional Email:

Creating a good image of the brand among the public requires years of experience. But in a nutshell, if you are new in the travel industry business and wants to outshine in a number of days, then the best marketing policy it to give huge and happy touring deals to the customers. Give more discounts as compared to your competitors for attracting the customers. Send the users promotional emails once a week, and avoid sending too many emails to make the subscribers angry.

4.Email List Management:

With the help of trouble-free sign-up forms, you can easily increase your email listing by integrating it with the website. The email addresses that will be getting added to your list will be valid and therefore, there is no requirement of sorting the right one out. An effective email list management can bring the highest revenue as all your emails will be sent to only those persons who have visited your site.

5.Never forgot to take the Feedback:

Always try to get a comment and suggestion from the customers to improve your services. Feedback is one of the most esteemed things that can highly benefit you, as it tells you what are the back-falls that you are lagging behind. For making the feedback form filled backed by the customers declare an incentive scheme. It will definitely enhance your email campaign rate.

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