How to start considering these four email customization mistakes to avoid the risk

February 22, 2018

Managing the email marketing campaign is all about working on too many responsibilities at a time. So basically you are multitasking as an email marketer and we can understand how difficult it is to handle too many teams at a time.

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Too many humans working at a time means some mistakes are bound to happen. There must have been a time when you had hit ‘send’ to the wrong email list of subscribers or maybe forgot to personalize the email content with the first name or company’s name.


There are many common email customization mistakes email marketers tend to make. If you are the one, you are not alone. We have shared how you can avoid the common mistakes of the emails personalization and use the data for smart email customization.

BCC recipients

Sending the mass emails means adding email recipients addresses to the BCC i.e. blind carbon copy field instead of TO. When you put the email addresses in the TO field, the huge mistake happens as it reveals thousands of other recipients email addresses at a time.


Your competitor’s email marketer earns huge benefit when such blunder happens because they receive your complete potential email lists without working on anything. Also if any recipient decides to hit REPLY ALL instead of just REPLY, the unwanted correspondence might take place.

What to do? This mistake happens when you do not use ESP i.e. email service provider platform to send mass emails. Professional ESP platform will help you to prevent anyone on the email list to view the names and the email addresses.

From the normal email program i.e. Gmail or Outlook, the mistake happens while selecting TO or CC field instead of BCC. When you put the recipient’s email address to BCC field, it becomes easy for you to prevent anyone on the email list from viewing other recipient’s addresses and names.

Email list segmentation

Email marketers know the importance of segmenting the email lists. It is the most useful way to utilize the recipient’s collective data. Segmenting the email list based on different factors can help to improve the response rate of email campaigns. This means you have to be extra careful about selecting the lists when you send the emails.


Although you segment the email lists based on the recipient’s preferences, the blunder does take place. There are been times when major brands have sent the right emails to the wrong email lists. Result? There can be negative perception towards your brand from the recipients.

What to do? You can label the segmented email list on the ESP to avoid the confusion while sending the emails. To suit the email content to the email list, you can segment it as loyal customers, students, and many more…

while setting up the email campaign, you can then select the segmented email list. On the ESP dashboard, you will have to cross check thrice times before hitting SEND. Having the moment of patience is better than just rushing it.

Automated Emails

Email automation can help you to reduce 50% workload of email marketing campaign. It will let you send the right emails to the right customers at the right time. The major mistake you can make while automating emails is not having the goal without any strong content strategy.


Such mistakes will not help to generate the potential leads for your website ultimately providing negative ROI for your email campaign. Therefore to avoid such mistake, many email marketers tend to buy email lists which are the red flag for the success of email marketing campaigns.

What to do? Do not buy the email list under any circumstance. The email automation should help you to trigger the series of emails to your subscribers, including the new one.

Based on the different event sequences or the customer’s action on your website, email automation should be done with the focused goal of creating strong email content. Such automation tool in ESP can help you to attract potential ROI on your email marketing campaign.

Optimal customer’s data utilization

You have all the information and data of your recipients to send the emails based on it. All you have to do is create or segment the email list according to the available data and information. The worst mistake you can make here is to stay relaxed with those important details available to you.


It will be considered as the sin of missed opportunity. If you do not use this data to create strong email content and target the audience, you will become the part of 70% people who are literally failing to customize the emails. This means you are making your customer miss something important they want.

What to do? If you are unaware of how to collect the information or the data from your subscribers, there are tools available in the market. You can build some strategies to utilize it in an optimum way for your subscribers.


There are many ways to avoid the mistakes while personalizing the email templates for the email marketing campaigns. You can even build your own strategy to avoid these common email personalization problems.


Efficiency, content-focused and goal oriented email marketing campaigns perform better and result in high ROI with potential leads. You have to create the email marketing content that customers demand and want to see it in their inbox.

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