What does the Email Designer’s New Year Resolution 2018 Sound Like?

January 22, 2018

2017 has become the past now. What was yesterday trending in the email design services is something which has become common, following everyone? With every new year, one trend always remains popular i.e. New Year resolutions. Whenever the new year sets in, people start making the resolutions, some of them attain it while others look for some motivation to work on it.

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For a different group of people, there are different sets of the resolution. Instead of going around the other people’s resolution, for us the curiosity was to know what our email designers have included on their bucket list? Every year our team comes with something extraordinary without telling anyone anything. This time we had a chance to know what they are going to work on the most, priority basis.

Engaging Images/ Visuals and Bold CTA


Well, this is something the email design service provider emphasizes the importance of. The email marketer may think that the email content is enough for the engagement, which is true. High-quality images, even the background images in the email works wonder if done accurately.

Such kind of qualified images will help to create the curiosity and therefore the CTA must be quick and noticeable enough for the customers to work on. Our team works for the B2B therefore, engagement for us and for them is important to reach the huge audience, selling our services.

In the midst of the right interactive email content, the email template design falls aside and so does the CTA. 2018 New year resolution for our team is to have the right kind of the photos, engaging enough with the potential audience. Impressive CTA is the addition of the package of it.

A/B Testing of the Email Design Aspects


2017 email designs had more of the GIFS and trust us, we had loved them more! With the email content, matching the GIF that too animated will be like the cherry on the cake. There are more, although, the design elements, to do the A/B testing.

From the designer’s perspective, it is also important to choose the right set of the colors for the template. Suiting and matching the brand, the logo placement with the combined color palette is a must. The A/B testing of the color combination is definitely on the bucket list of our designer team.

Why is the A/B testing the new year resolution for our design team? You may question that because every designer does that, right? Yes. Indeed. Our team does it for every email template but this year, the testing will be rigorous. The reason? Ensuring the better user experience, translating the email into digital properties.

Client’s Requirements and the driven ideas


For the B2B and B2C, the priority is always customers. To make them happy and contented, it is important to provide the service how they demand and ask for. Our email designer team, this year, will work on the detail of the customer’s expectations, ideas, and imaginations.

Not just the details, but the data-driven design details. To give the complete access to our customers, it is important to read and understand their state of mind for the product. That is how the customer is relieved and assured to do the business for their future projects.

Overall, our design team is going to focus on what is reliable for the brand and which aspect of the email design will help the business owner to have more customer/ subscriber. Working on the data-driven designs, decisions and the other brand assets will improve the accessibility.

Emoticons/ Emojis

Emoticons Emojis

Just like social platforms, emojis is now trending over the email designs as well as content. Our designer team, this new year has decided, to make the use of emoticons wherever it fits in, of course, matching the brand email content or the template.

Why the emoticons or the emojis when the content is enough to drive the engagement? Using it as a part of email design can actually provide the emotional insight to the customers which in turn will result in the positive engagements.

The emotional impulses further will motivate or encourage the customer to work on the CTA provided in the email. Positive and happy emojis have the potential to result in the high open click-through rates on the email and also adds the fun element to the email brand.

Advanced Responsive


Indeed our email template designs are responsive, compatible with all three mailbox- Gmail, Outlook, and iPhone, yet our team will ensure the better images also make the space. The emails should look good on all three platforms, without the glitches, of course.


All these new year resolutions are enough to create the email designs more attractive for the improved engagements with the customers. Another way around, our team efficiently works on the designing aspects without making the client’s scratching their heads and pulling their hairs. You can share your new year resolution in the comment box to altogether achieve the greatness of the email designs.

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